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Counter Clockwise

Welcoming 2021 with a bit of fun. After working on a project conceptualizing the Tibetan Medicine Buddha which was performed in two festivals in 2019, our videographer Joey Calderon @surfwithdolphins got inspired to direct these takes when we were wrapping up.


This day was simply joyous, we were laughing the entire time especially during these takes!  Dancers: Ruth Fentroy @ruthfentroy, Heather Lipson-Bell, and Nicole Mathis-Berman. Music: "You Need" by the Bengsons @whitecradedancetheatre. Special thanks to @maliazimmerman for hosting our project on that glorious day!

Counter Clockwise 1.png

Yemaya Assessu

Channelling the essence of universal harmony and merging our whole selves to experience all of nature's elements in a healing performative practice. Choreography by Nicole Mathis-Berman, Music Yemaya Assesu by Deva Premal, Danced by Ruth Fentroy, Heather Lipson-Bell, and Nicole Mathis-Berman. "Yemaya Assessu is an amazing Yoruba chant that speaks of the joining of the river with the Sea and the Goddess of the Ocean. This same river flows through each individual soul." To read more go to:

Yin and Yang

Excerpt from Mirroring the inside premiered 2018 at the Electric Lodge in Venice, Ca. This project stems from the somatic practice conceptualizing the process of creating movement from cultivating chi (energy) from the inside out. Dancers: Imani Foreman and Juan Figueroa. Choreography by Nicole Mathis-Berman. Music: Bach's Ave Maria played by Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Scot.

Pop Up Performance site-specific July 2019. Earthy, grounding, circles, connecting to Mother Earth, digging, resonating with the environment, conceptualizing and researching the Medicine Buddha Tibetan throat chant embodying a grounding visceral experience of healing energy to share with others and take it to the stage.

Tibetan Medicine Buddha

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